Swan Lake

Yesterday Sarah, Sally, Sheila, Sabiene and Anna went to Newcastle to see Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake.

Readers who have not yet seen this simply must do so ASAP; it is in my top three theatrical productions of all time, and definitely the best ballet I have seen.

OK, ballet may not sound like a sterling adventure, but all the above except Sheila have done their share of ice climbing etc., and believe me it gets the adrenaline going as much as a stiff climb and definitely wrings out as much emotion as a tough uphill ski day can! Take some Kleenex.

For those of you sufficiently interested to read on here is my brief review:

Generally a traditionalist, I would be the first to say that departing from tradition by having men in the corps de ballet is a complete success and imparted a definite energy to the production which was maintained throughout. The night club and street scenes are among those that would have Tchaikovsky puzzled , but they work extremely well. There are a lot of laughs to be enjoyed.

Dominic North danced the Prince with a touching vulnerability and Richard Winser as the Swan contrived to be dangerously sexy. The pas de deux between these two were hugely emotional and without a trace of camp.

Anna says "yum yum"

I should add that as the Stranger, Richard Winser in his leather trousers had us girls all on the edge of our seats in a more traditional fashion.

3 thoughts on “Swan Lake”

  1. I know when the girls got back they were raving about the performance. :love: :love:
    They’re planning another outing …………… in the meantime I’ll just have to dig out my tutu to keep Anna happy!! :freeze:

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