Ogwen CC Guidebook Launch

After a day climbing in the Ogwen valley at Milestone Buttress, where we did one of the most polished routes I’ve ever done, Super Direct. It starts with a shimmering layback and is followed by a slippery jamming crack. Although the polish does disappear on the shockingly exposed top pitch … perhaps most parties scamper off at that point on to the easy classic Direct Route, or simply bail off? Either way, an exciting HVS I reckon, and in anything but super dry conditions it’d be crazy!

Anyway, back on topic, we were at Plas Y Brenin on Saturday evening to launch the new CC Ogwen Guidebook. A real corker of a guidebook, packed with great pictures and photo-diagrams! I don’t even want to think about how much more polished those routes will become now with this inspiring new guidebook to bring even more eager climbers in to the valley!

It was also Bob Moulton’s final job, after 35 years of service, for the publications sub-committee. Bob showed a slideshow of the many many guidebooks he has worked on over those years. It was a very impressive array of books!! There can’t be anyone else in the world with Bob’s breadth of experience of climbing guidebooks! Amazing. :star:

Bob was thanked by the president; given a framed drawing of Chair Ladder by another great of the guidebook world, Don Sargeant; and I stole the opportunity to grab a picture of Bob with the all those authors, artists, etc. present (there are many others who weren’t) who have worked with him over those years and books…

CC President Fiona Sanders thanks Bob
Don Sargeant presents Bob with a Chair Ladder drawing

A) Robin Mazinke, B) Les Holliwell C) Mike Veterlein, D) Geoff Milburn, E) Tom Leppart, F) John Willson, G) Mike Bailey (author of the new Ogwen guidebook), H) Nigel Coe, I) Don Sargeant, J) Bob Moulton, K) Paul Harrison, L) Ken Wilson

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  1. Hey Pete , Milestone Butress takes me back…. first climbed there in the hot summer of ’76….. love it :love: :love: :love:
    Also, your pic that turns everyone into a black shape is a great toy… why not a quiz next time where we guess the people by their shape?? 😈

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