May 2010; the driest month ever?

April, May, and June 2010 have been dry, very dry! There has been so little rain that we are threatened with a hosepipe ban being just days away. Perhaps the driest period (spring, early summer) ever? Well, that claim is certain to be inaccurate but it has been lovely climbing and adventuring weather for sure…

To help illustrate the dryness I have added some colour to the rain databases:

Check out the fact that the Lake District minimum rainfall figures (Database Summary) (and lightest colours) are all from this year’s row in the Rain Database. In fact so far this year we have only gone to three figure millimetres of rain in a single month once, and then only just. Normally most months see three figures in the Lakes. 😛

The grass too is so yellow, more so than I can remember before late August – and that was when we lived in the Midlands.

2 thoughts on “May 2010; the driest month ever?”

  1. Let’s hope it stays dry for this weekend; it’s the Saunders Mountain Marathon – on that topic, can we pick the tent up on Friday night?

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