Early Season Ice in Wales

Well, we can’t easily get to Scotland but Ogwen is presently an ice paradise…

A frozen Lake Idwal

Even the ‘you know what’ is nearly formed. I reckon a good mixed fella could do it now – maybe one has?

The spectacular 'Devil's Pasture'

Terry & Bernie were on the ‘gem’ of the area ‘South Gully’ IV 5, which was in lean and mean condition with protection from tied off stubies!

Here of some of our other Ogwen classics, ‘The Screen’ and left ‘The Ramp’

But the big unanswered question is, “where’s Pete in all this”? I think I know the answer as to where he will be?

See ya the bottom of………..

4 thoughts on “Early Season Ice in Wales”

  1. Hey Pete, nice to see you back on the blog 😀 I’m only just back on myself :sarcy:

    Yep. Great End was the only viable choice for Sunday. I reckon we got the only climbable ice in the Lakes. Wish we’d have stuck to Dave’s plan of getting up at 7am instead of my sloth-like 8am. In the event, we had the last hour of descent to Borrowdale in the dark 👿 I’d forgotten how far it was up there 😥

    But the climbing was brilliant 🙂 South East Gully, grade III but with a very impressive M3 ice pitch 😎 Took a bit of getting past, I’ll tell you 😳 But it will all be gone now, I’m afraid 🙁 At least for the moment 😕

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