Blog: Birthday #5

Yet another year of adventuring is drawing to an end. ๐Ÿ™ However, spring isn’t that far away and the rock climbing shoes can come out to play again soon! ๐Ÿ˜›

So for now lets hope the rest of the winter is as cold and fair as it has been so far. Just as soon as Xmas is out of the way we can get on with the serious business of climbing ice – which we all know is just (arm) training for rock climbing. Then all we need to do is hope that spring 2011 is as dry as it was in 2010. Who’d have thought the Lakes could suffer a hose pipe ban?

My Highlights of the 2010 Blogging Year

A Cold Start to 2010


Last winter was much like this one – cold and snowy! We’d left our ice tools and skis in France so that drove us crazy, but everyone else had a great time…

Big Powder in the Alps


We started our sabbatical with Birthday Rock in the the Lakes. But mostly we skied and ice climbed (Cogne was particularly ace). We also had Laurence & Madeline over learning to ski!

Moroccan Adventure


Wouldn’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakech Express…
The next destination on our sabbatical adventure was Morocco. We met up with Jon, Mina, and Rebecca too!

More Snow


Before the three month sabbatical ended we managed a whole load of extra ski tours, including the classic long day tour – the Three Cols. We also started to get our rock climbing heads going in the improving spring weather.

International Rock Climbing Meet


I’ve been to three BMC International Meets now. They are quite simply brilliant!
Lets hope I can get myself organised (and away from work) for next year’s…

Welsh Rock


Before I finally gave up the life of a full time lay-about (aka rock climber) and went back to work, Jon and I headed to North Wales to sample some of the world’s best traditional rock climbing… Jon sent his first E5, no less than the world-class Right Wall on Dinas Gromlech! Way to go Jon! A lesson for the rest of us – must train harder.

Blog Rendezvous


Despite six months of hard won adventures to celebrate and plenty of notice (not to mention lots of positive votes for all sorts of activities), support for this year’s rendezvous dropped off severely.

Rachel by the formations near the sump at the end of Bridge Cave

Perhaps the Best Laugh of the Year?


Rachel & Richard (with Keith’s help) gave me perhaps the best laugh of the year with this awesome video (look near the end of the post). What was your best laugh?

There seems to be a wedding to attend most years, and this year was no exception, Vic & Michelle got married (and despite August’s endless rain they had a sunny day too).

My First Guidebook: Tremadog


After nearly two years of work I published my first climbing guidebook; the new Climbers’ Club Tremadog guidebook was an amazing project to lead but without Steve, Don, and Andy it wouldn’t have been possible or nearly as much fun!

Laetitia Becomes a Qualified Mountain Leader


Planning for a possible future lifestyle that doesn’t involve so much work (which as we all know sucks) Laetitia set about getting qualified for a life in the outdoors…

Kendal Mountain Festival


Perhaps the highlight for November was the Kendal Mountain Festival?
It’s certainly an amazing event – the biggest of its kind in the world – and helping out is a privilege.

Ian’s Polar Adventures

December …

Ian’s Polar Adventures kicked off in December. With regular updates we’ve all been getting an incredible insight in to Antarctica (including getting there!) that will continue to keep us all totally enthralled right through to March…


The eagerness to check the blog every day to see what adventures people have had is still there; the excitement when thereโ€™s a new adventure report is as big as ever, itโ€™s like playing a small part in or experiencing a little of that adventure too!

:star: Another successful year. :star:
A massive thank-you to all the blog’s authors, comment contributors, and readers!
Keep Visiting
, Get Out, Have an Adventure, and Keep those Reports Coming.

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