A Bit of Hungary

More often than not I find myself wishing I was living in a country with nice mountains and lots of climbing sites. Then, from time to time, like today, I must realize that Hungary has quite a few places well worth visiting, even if we do not have too many good rocks for climbing. Today we set off for a „rucksack-training” walk with my most faithful companions and a 15 kg ’sack. (If I don’t have any problems I sure know how to create myself some.)

We climbed a steep ridge to the so called „Pointer Stones”: formidable rock formations along the path.

The weather is really crazy, just a few weeks ago we had plenty of snow and minus 20, now it is like spring, all the snow melting down, so there are small streams everywhere carrying lots of water into the creeks, making them very hard to pass.

So I was really surprised when all of a sudden I caught sight of this tiny frozen „lake” (more like a huge puddle).

Arriving on the top, we had a wonderful view to one of Hungary’s most spectacular natural gems, the Danube Bend.

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    1. Which reminds me I never got an answer from the shop so it looks like I’ll have to live without the mug. 🙁 Still better than living without the doggy friends. :love:

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