Star of the Day

Obviously, the ‘star of the day’ is the one that can be seen during the daytime. Today we had luck because we could see it the whole day! And it was showing us so many of its faces!!! So it was the star of the day not only in the literal sense.

First, it was reluctant to show up.

Later, it appeared in between the trees.

Still later, it was shining brightly just to please us with a fabulous winter day out in the hills. Unbelievably blue sky, clean, crisp air and glittering snow-crystals! Even the strenuous walk uphill seemed almost pleasant.

My companions this time were my daughter and – of course – the doggy friends!

At the end of the day we had such a beautiful sunset that even Bilbo was impressed!

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I’d think that this picture was made in Photoshop.

But maybe the star of the day was my daughter’s boyfriend after all (unfortunately he could not come with us as he has a sprained ankle), who prepared a delicious dinner for us … and cakes which we consumed with huge appetite! Luckily he had taken a picture of his ’work of art’ before we got home otherwise he wouldn’t have had a chance even to switch on his camera before the whole thing was gone!

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