Sron a’ Choire Ghairbh

Spending a weekend with Andy and Sabiene at Arthur’s, I was motivated up a mountain by the knowledge that when we got back champagne and chocolate cake were on the menu. (These were to celebrate Sabiene’s last day at work – though sadly she will be starting a new job very soon.)

Typical Scottish weather, damp and cloudy, providing only tantalising glimpses of what was to come.

Typical Scottish mountain weather

Once we reached the snowline it all became a bit more cheerful and with the bealach in sight we knew we had done the hard bit.

Blue sky over the pass

The steep bit is made easy by an excellent stalker’s path, then Sabiene broke trail to the summit.

Sabiene breaks trail to the summit

We waited on the summit for glimpses of the views which were fleeting but worthwhile.

Sabiene and Anna on the summit

Andy’s attempt to bumslide back down was foiled by the softness of the snow which caused him to flounder in powder – sorry I missed that photo. By way of contrast, the forest track back to the car was bathed in warm evening sunlight:

And later on: it’s a while since I’ve done a cake blog so here goes:

Cake, champagne and chocolate biscuits; yum

And a couple of hours after that at the Lochleven Seafood Cafe:

Sabiene meets a langoustine

Check out their website photos, even more appetising:

A really good day; thanks to Arthur for hospitality and Andy for driving.

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