Dales Way Run

With the grey skies and fresh snow (but above zero temperatures) today all the options for adventure didn’t really seem all that adventurous.

  • Climbing wall? A good option, but not that exciting – we’re not going often enough to make a difference, and it’s expensive too.
  • Mountain bike ride? Another good option, but Laetitia decided the light covering of wet (it was drizzling) snow would make it too slippy.
  • Walk? Perhaps the best option with the snow covering, but we felt we needed to do something more aerobic to help get our fitness back.

What about a run says I… Laetitia agreed – a good option! But where? What about the section of the Dales Way that goes through Staveley and on to Kendal then back past Potters Tarn?

The Dales Way
Laetitia on route to Potters Tarn
Taking a snack-bar-break
Potters Tarn is really a small ancient reservoir for the paper mill in Burneside
So how does this work exactly?
Running in the snow ... we must be crazy! It was bloody slippy coming down, climbing is safer!

12 thoughts on “Dales Way Run”

  1. I can see that you’re all coming around to our way of thinking…. First it was Anna and now you guys are next! One question though; has the large number of photos got something to do with picture taking being a good excuse to stop? πŸ˜†

    Hope you had a good time!

    1. Damn right – can’t have enough opportunities to stop, rest, and take a picture… :mrgreen:

      Sport of choice? Now, I wouldn’t go that far – I can’t imagine anything ever bettering a day climbing on sun kissed rock. πŸ˜›

  2. Pete/Tish – if I am some how responsible for you having to resort to running, because I haven’t encouraged you to the wall enough, I sincerely apologise πŸ˜‰

    It looks like you made the best of the day though!

    1. Yeah, it’s all your fault! 😈

      Nah, I have to be honest, it’s my fault really – my approach to training is pathetic, I have to face the facts, I’m lazy. No one else can take the blame. πŸ™

      At least I can hold my head up high when it comes to the actual sports which I (don’t) train for, I’m as up-for-it as ever! πŸ˜› … I just wish I could pull on smaller holds and not fall off them.

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