Rebecca & Mathias’ Wedding

A couple of months ago we received an invitation to join Rebecca and Mathias in celebrating their next adventure in life together – a celebration of their wedding. As I’m a girl, I love weddings, so of course we had to go, and as it was to be held on one of our precious bank holiday weekends, we could take advantage of the extra day off work and get in some climbing. We booked reasonably cheap flights to Frankfurt, hired a car, and found some accommodation fairly close by.

The actual civil wedding took place on Friday, which we understand is usually a small affair with family and close friends. The celebration on Saturday was the reception for more friends. The event took place in a winery in a small sleepy village in Pfalz called Edenkoben. This is only about an hours drive south from Frankfurt Main airport, so we arrived at Edenkoben by lunch time which gave us plenty of time to find our hotel and take a look around the village. The hotel was lovely – Alte Feuerwache – and Edenkoben was very sleepy.

At 3pm we made our way to the winery and found Rebecca and Mathias welcoming their many guests.

Mathias & Rebecca

What a lovely venue.

The approach to the party venue, a lovely vine covered walkway!

And being a winery, there was lots and lots of wine to drink. There was also plenty of Flammkuchen to soak up the juices.

Not a bad venue for a wedding!
Kloster Heilsbruck

It was just great to catch up with all our friends and be introduced to some new ones.

Laetitia & Mina catching up over a spiked strawberry cocktail!
Laetitia, Valeska, and Mina - smiles all round!
Pete & Max planning the next day's adventure in the Pfalz

No adventure is complete without a cake. This adventure had plenty of cakes. They all looked delicious – I only had two pieces, so I can only say that those two were amazing!

Mathias & Rebecca cut the cake
Tina's portion of cake!

After wine and cake, we had a guided tour of the wine cellars and a stroll through the vine fields while preparations were made for the evening meal.

We all went for a tour of the wine cellars and a stroll through some of the vineyards to build up an appetite for dinner...
These little green things will be fat red grapes soon, and red wine shortly after that!

The evening started with a band playing easy chill-out music, then there was a buffet dinner which was huge.

  • Starters, with all sorts of cold salads, smoked salmon, salmon moose, tuna, roasted vegetables, tapenade and much more.
  • Mains, with hot beef, bbq pork, chicken, asparagus, roast potatoes, mushrooms and much more.
  • Deserts, with ice cream, strawberries, cream and more ice cream.


After dinner there were some presentations of special gifts and some singing and we all lit sparklers attached to helium filled balloons and watched them float up into the night sky.

It was a wonderful wedding celebration and it was lovely to see so much love for Rebecca and Mathias.

Helium filled balloons with attached sparklers provided a dazzling evening show

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