Dodging the Rain
Do two half-days equal a whole?

Saturday’s weather was just about what we’ve come to expect in the North West this past two months, wet! Not since April has there been any meaningful nice weather. The result is that I’ve been getting weaker and weaker, to the point that last weekend I struggled (albeit – here come the excuses – climbing with a rucksack at 2500m) on a F6a+. The ultimate price had to be paid… Β£6.50 to visit the indoor wall – in summer! The problem was that we got there are 3pm, thinking we’d climb up to dinner time. Then, at 5pm, the main lights went out and they told us they were closing, doh, summer opening times! Not good value for money, not even two hours of climbing. (Luckily they realised it would have kind to have mentioned this to us when taking our money when we arrived, so they gave us a free-entry voucher for another day.)

Happily Sunday dawned a little brighter and, blessings of blessings, with no rain! Richard was desperate for some Lakeland rock to try and dismiss some of the depression of endless weekends of rain, rain, rain. And to try and get some exercise following Saturday’s half-session at the wall. We headed to Shepherd’s crag in Borrowdale.

Laetitia following the excellent and steep Creeping Jesus
Richard on the direct finish to Fisher's Folly
Richard and Ali on Fisher's Folly Direct

The rock was quite greasy, not surprising considering all the rain, and there were millions of hungry midges at the base of the crag. We’d stupidly forgotten to bring our insect repellent out with us so we all suffered – my arms are covered in little itchy bumps now! πŸ˜₯ But at least we were outside and climbing rock! That is, until after one more route the heavens opened… :angry: Laetitia and I were safely back at the bottom of the crag, so we darted for our sacks and waterproof jackets (never be without your waterproof jacket in summer in the Lakes). However, Richard and Ali were a pitch up with no prospect of climbing the drenched rock in a downpour – a hasty retreat was organised, complete with jammed ropes and much swearing, but skilfully no gear was left on the crag! πŸ˜‰

So, after our second half-day of climbing we enjoyed a slice of Shepherd’s CafΓ©’s best apple pie (with litres of cream), not a bad weekend after all. πŸ˜›

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Do two half-days equal a whole?”

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