Saved by the birds!

The Arete Welsh meet was based in Helyg and despite the Met Office promise of monsoon rains four more members joined me on Friday night. Saturday dawned as promised WET! The only hope being a possibility of bright spells in the afternoon. After numerous brews and mutterings of, “not going for a walk in this”, Nick the twitcher went outside armed with binoculars. Suddenly an excited cry of Redstart emanated from outside the hut, rousing twitchers and even climbers into action. What followed was a couple of hours ticking several more species of LBBs. Over lunch we decided to head for Anglesey – twitchers looking for Choughs and climbers dry rock. The result was a weather window of around four hours during which all parties achieved their goals.

6 thoughts on “Saved by the birds!”

  1. No cakes mentioned…. :yum: despite enough time to have quite a few!! 😆
    Did you photoshop the blue sky in ❓ …….. I dont recognise that from the last few weeks 🙁

  2. Hi there Paul good to see you still doing it but too many birds and not enough rock notes,[ what is the Arete turning into? we are in Briancon for a few weeks on big stuf with doctor Terry. you mate Keith S

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