A day in the life…

The work at Halley 6 is progressing and we are told that everything is on schedule! Its hard to tell as much of the M & E (mechanical and electrical) happens under the floor or above ceiling height so we just hope none of it leaks when its all tested. As I’m in logistics this year I’ve been flitting from job to job; a typical day has been:

  • Preparing boards for flooring,
  • Helping the electricians pull cables through the undercroft,
  • Painting/filling/sanding/filling/painting,
  • Cleaning and moving site toilets,
  • Unpacking cargo from the latest plane to land.

At least all the varied jobs makes the days fly by and in no time at all it’s Saturday again. Time for a relax and a ski round the Base perimeter. I’ve been using my touring boots that were such a disaster last year to try and hone the fit….. I think (hope) that I’ve got them sorted!!!

Skiing at Halley 6

One more issue to deal with is that we are running short of food. (and more desperate: chocolate!!!) The BAS staff have already raided the emergency store for meat and sugar and as the RRS Shackleton is 2 weeks late after a fire and refit, it is not due until 31st December. At least there’s a lot of porridge!

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5 thoughts on “A day in the life…”

  1. BAS would lose their reputation as rufty-tufty polar explorers without a bit of hunger now and again! 😈

    I thought Halley had two years food stored, in case the Shackleton couldn’t get there. ❓

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