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I’m working with the United States Geological Survey at the moment and am therefore in the US for the weekend. I’m staying in New Hope, which is located on the Delaware River on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The town is a haven for New Yorkers who want a weekend away, so has lots of little boutique-like shops. Obviously, these only appeal to me for about 30 minutes as I’m not really a great shopper, so I have been exploring the area on foot.

The US don’t really do footpaths…. but luckily there are two canals here, one running along each side of the river. Yesterday I ran north along the tow path on one side of the river and then crossed at Lumberville and ran back down the other side; a total distance of 15+ miles. Today I ran south along the tow path on the New Jersey Side until I reached the Washington Crossing Historical Park. Here there is Bowman’s Tower which provides a $5 view over the surrounding area.

View from the lookout over to Lambertville and New Hope
Looking out over the Delaware River

I haven’t found any cookery courses to attend as yet, but I have been gathering ideas for breakfasts from the B+B I’m staying in. This morning we had bread and butter pudding, topped with peaches and filled with cream cheese, served with syrup and bacon! They offered dessert as well, but I declined.

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  1. And look at this bright weather! :star: I’d give up my rich Hungarian breakfasts for a week if we could have this here in Hungary instead of the gray, rainy, foggy, slimy something that doesn’t even deserve to be called weather. :angry:

  2. Bill & I stayed at a B & B this summer where they served a three course breakfast, all of them dessert. That second photo looks like home to me, although I grew up a bit to the north.

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