The last ever Agilisys Carlisle Xmas party

Friday night was the Agilisys Carlisle Xmas party – and what a do it was…

A free bar all night (and morning, it was the very wee hours by the time we stumbled out of the Andalusian bar) ensured I remembered the party all day Saturday – I had a mind numbing headache. There was a magician, food, an amazing raffle with dozens of prizes. The top prize was a laptop PC, others included tablets, Kindles, iPods, etc. – I even won a £10 Waterstones voucher. But the best part of the night was the amazing company, the Carlisle team.

There will never be another party like this in Carlisle. Such a shame. I hope the Council’s new ICT provider tries to match it and keep the brilliant spirit of the office alive even if I won’t be there to see it.

Here a few pictures from the party to help remember it with in years to come…

With a couple of beers before the party proper started, Paul, Lee, David, and Dougie played some pool at Al's Sports Bar
The magician performing some kind of card trick! It involved knowing what card everyone had picked - of course, don't they all?
The start of the raffle - there were loads of winners!
Jenny scores an Apple iPod Nano
Just a few prizes left now to pick from... Perhaps a M&S voucher?
Simon and Paul can't decide which of the cocktails to order next.
Paul was the main protagonist when it came to my thumping hangover! He must have brought me at least 5 extremely alcoholic cocktails, plus the odd Vod-Bull
Cliff preferred slightly more refined booze!
Party on guys!

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