Sharp Edge

Looking down from the frosty summit of Blencathra towards Keswick

After yesterday up on Pavey with glorious blue sunny skies and dry warm rock today was again brilliantly sunny when we rolled out of bed! What’s happening, two great days of weather, in winter, and at the weekend… However, there was a light breeze today and as we packed ready to go out to a Yorkshire limestone crag we noted a few clouds bubbling up. Rock climbing in a breeze without direct sunshine with temperatures hovering just below 0°C would have been painful. So we decided to take full advantage of the day with a scramble up Sharp Edge and Blencathra instead.

Pete on the way to Sharp Edge
Beautiful ice crystals on the path up to Sharp Edge
Sharp Edge
Laetitia on a very frosty Sharp Edge
Yes, all of that "whiteness" on the rock is frost!
Looking down from the frosty summit of Blencathra towards Keswick

We had a great laugh with this next picture, I’d asked Laetitia to strike a “catalogue pose” and this is what she did. 😆 What fun! Plus, it made us think of Ian, who first introduced us to the idea of a “catalogue pose”. Hmm, I wonder how construction of the new Halley base is going?

Laetitia celebrates the summit of Blencathra

Near the end of the circuit we passed an enclosure of llama. They were every bit as interested in us as we were in them. This guy (?) was particularly curious and immediately ran over to us. I’m not sure if ears-back is a sign if inquisitiveness, begging for food, or aggression? Love the buckteeth though! 😉

And finally, another celebration - a half-pint of Yates beer at the White Horse in Scales

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