Lakeland Skiing

What a laugh we had today – a bit of early season skiing in one of the least likely resorts – the Lake District… Nestled on the slopes to the north east of Helvelyn is the Lake District Ski Club‘s ski tow and club house. It’s not exactly your ordinary sort of ski resort where you fall out of your car in to a bubble-car to provide all the heavy lifting to reach the ski area. Here you have to hike from the parking some 2 or 3 kilometres, gaining nearly 400m of height, to reach a more reliable snow-line and the single button-lift served ski area. But who cares, it’s quite special to do a bit of skiing so close to home!

The first obstacle was of course the state of the roads. Despite the road signs saying the road over the Kirkstone Pass was closed it all seemed fine to us – I guess the warning signs help instill a bit of extra caution?
Starting the hike from the Glenridding youth hostel up to the ski area.
Finally, after about an hours walk, we reached the snow-line and it was time to put the skins on our skis to climb the final kilometre up to the button lift. Glenridding is visible behind sitting next to Ullswater.
Laetitia on the final pull up on skins.
Check out the team behind – they had their dog with them! Amazing fun – you can even bring your dog out skiing in the Lake District!
Conditions were not ideal! The reasonably clear weather early on soon vanished as the cloud descended and the ski area became pretty much completely whited out.
Not an inch of bare skin was to be seen on Laetitia as she hid herself from the bitter weather!
Pete returning to Genridding after a half-day of fun filled Lakeland skiing.
As the snow thinned it was quite tricky to quickly decide if the breaks in the snow cover were heather or rock – one being easy to ski over, the other extremely bad for ski bases.

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  1. Skiing through a blanket of cold snow is one of the best activities to do while you are in a winter resort. The sense of danger will prompt you to think of “SAFETY FIRST” but it will eventually turn out to the feeling of adventure. In everything we do; take care of our safety.

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