Coniston Fell Race

Being a glutton for punishment, Anna decided that today she would enter the Coniston Fell race; 14kms, with 1065m of ascent. “It’s just a short one” I heard her mention in the van on the way down to Coniston, a round Wetherlam, Swirl How and The Old Man of Coniston. Lucky for me, it’s an area we don’t often get to, so I knew that once the race had started there would be a lot of coffee shops to scope out. Also being in the S Lakes, we noticed a lot of different club vests on show, from the Peak and North Lancashire.

The field attack the first asent
The field attack the first ascent
Anna picked out on the first ascent
Anna picked out on the first ascent

The conditions weren’t as good as the weatherman had promised with thick cloud on the summits, but Anna emerged in a good time, with only a few cuts and bruises from falling on the descent.

Anna in the fishing straight
Anna in the finishing straight


So our journey to the south Lakes was deemed a success, with Anna beating her target time of 2 hours by a full 3 minutes. I couldn’t find a decent cake shop though, and now I’ve been left with the washing up………. oh well , that’s what support is all about!

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    1. There were about 200 entrants I think. You will have something to complain about next week after the Fairfield Horseshoe: it’s an English Champs race this year and the entrants have been limited – to 400. The return section (eastern part) of the circuit is boggy and quite eroded in places anyway, so I think it will be in a bit of a state after Saturday.

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