Nest Box Visitors

After not having any visitors last year we were quite excited to hear some activity in the bird box a few weeks ago.

A Great Tit pair (had to think how I should write that!) had decided to use our bird box for a late brood. The nest was quickly put together and Mrs Great Tit spent her nights going to bed early and getting up late.

Then, one sunny morning, I turned on the TV to check the nest, and there were 7 teeny little eggs. Wow!!

Seven Great Tit eggs
Seven Great Tit eggs

For the next week, Mrs Great Tit spent even more time in the nest, keeping the eggs warm despite the cold outside.

Incubating seven Great Tit eggs
Incubating the Great Tit eggs

Then, one other sunny morning, the 7 teeny eggs turned into 7 teeny chicks. Wow!!

It’s hard to get all the birds to look up at the same time, so we’ve only caught 5 on this picture.

Five hungry Great Tit mouths!
Five hungry Great Tit mouths!
Feeding the hungry mouths!
Feeding the hungry mouths!

Mr and Mrs Grate Tit are working hard to feed all the chicks. Their eyes are still shut, but they’re getting bigger every day. Unfortunately, we think one has already died, and another looks very small so it’s not likely to survive for much longer. I can’t believe they’ll all fit in the box when they get fully grown. At least they’ll all be kept warm with so many feathers.

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