Gilmore’s Groin – A Woman’s Perspective: Day 2 – 5 – Not much rehab going on

Gilmore's Groin anatomy

I didn’t sleep too badly.

I got up slowly, had a shower, settled myself on the sofa and turned the laptop on ready to start work. It wasn’t too bad. I was a bit dopey, but I kept up with the pain killers.

Great, I thought, I’m going to be fixed really quickly. I spent the afternoon looking at physio exercises, but not actually doing any. Gradually the pain got a bit worse, sitting up was very painful, I had a swollen right groin, my belly was still bloated, and I couldn’t eat much. Maybe the exercises could start tomorrow.

After another reasonable night on my back, I woke up on Friday but still feeling very tired. Then I fell back asleep again and slept until midday. I must have needed that. I dozed for quite a lot of the day, managed a couple of hours work, but mostly I dozed.

My rehab wasn’t going so well and I was getting worried that tendons were going to tighten and I’d be back to square one, but there was no way I could do much else but lie around.

On Saturday, day 4, I felt a little better and managed a very short walk, around the block. I thought I had done too much and the last bit was very slow. I needed a sleep afterwards. I also tried a few small exercises.

  • Lie back with knees bent. Slide hands up thighs, then hold for four seconds at half way position (6 repetitions).
  • In the same position as above, roll both knees to the left, then to the right (6 repetitions).

On Sunday, day 5, I was a bit depressed. The pains in my arms and neck had returned. I don’t know why, but I’m hoping they’ll go as I get stronger. I did a few exercises, but not much. I didn’t go for a walk outside but tried to keep mobile indoors. I managed some housework, not much.

This was the first night I felt like I could do with a drink. Dry January starts to kick in.

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2 thoughts on “Gilmore’s Groin – A Woman’s Perspective: Day 2 – 5 – Not much rehab going on”

  1. Wow Laetitia – you really do sound as if you’re in the wars. At least it was something that could be fixed, but recovery is often frustratingly slow. I really hope you return to full fitness before too long. Meanwhile, an opportunity to catch up on some reading?

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