My first train adventure

Zac on the platform at Staveley Station.

Today I had an adventure of a different kind…

My Tisha Person (who I love very much) took me out on a walk. I was very excited, as usual, but we were not going in the normal direction.

We went up some stairs and I found myself on a raised bit, looking down on some metal bars.

Zac on the platform at Staveley Station.

We waited around for what seemed like ages and ages (10 minutes) and more people arrived which got me very excited because I wanted to say hello to everyone.

Eventually there was a noise getting louder and a thing arrived. Apparently it’s called a train.

My Tisha person picked me up and we got on it!!

OMG!!! It started moving, but I was ok because I was on my Tisha person’s lap (I do love her a lot).

Zac on Tisha’s lap.

I looked out of the window, then decided to sniff around the floor for a bit, but I decided the view out of the window was better.

Zac looking out of the window as we approach Kendal.

All too quickly the adventure was over… but that led to another adventure. A much longer walk.

5 thoughts on “My first train adventure”

  1. You’re lucky, Zak, I’m stuck in back of car driving across France, missing meals, desperate for a pee and too hot. Then they make me run after the bikes and it’s been 26C. Then i have to go on walks too. Not joking, it’s a dogs life.

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