Yorkshire One Peak

The Three Peaks is that way...

My Tisha Person’s work colleagues were going to walk something called the Yorkshire Three Peaks today.

After days and days of glorious sunshine, it rained, but that didn’t bother me. I had my harness on and I was ready for a fantastic adventure.

Zac ready for adventure as we go up Pen-y-ghent.

There were loads of people, which meant loads of kisses and cuddles. It was amazing. So many legs, everywhere, but the low cloud and the rain made it seem like everyone had disappeared at one point.

Low cloud and everyone disappears.

We met Val Pitkethly, who I hadn’t seen before, but my Tisha Person gave her a huge hug. I got Val’s trousers dirty and she didn’t seem too impressed. I was sure the rain would wash it off. It rained so hard we couldn’t even get a photo.

Eventually, as we descended into the valley it started to dry up. It was still cold because it was very windy.

We followed the crowds, who had reappeared, and there were plenty of sign posts.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks is that way…
Laetitia (who I love)

On the way down I still had loads of energy, even though the weather ahead didn’t look very good.

Descending towards Ribblehead.
Walking along the road with Ribblehead Viaduct in the distance.

When we got to Ribblehead Viaduct we met the support team. I was quite tired by then, and my Tisha Person was very tired. She decided we should not carry on and we took advantage of a lovely warm car. We spent the rest of the day being part of the support crew, which was great as well because everyone seemed really happy to see me and give me cuddles.

Zac, a bit tired.

Maybe next time we can do all three peaks?

2 thoughts on “Yorkshire One Peak”

    1. Jan felt sick on the way up the first peak. 🙁
      She blamed the breakfast, but maybe it was a dodgy drink the night before 😉
      But that meant she also joined the support crew – which made for a very comfortable car ride for me. 🙂

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