Jan 08 28

A post for Pete…

There are several little black cats that have no home. Last year there was a small black cat and a ginger cat. Later on there were two black cats and a ginger cat (or so we thought). The ginger cat has gone. My next door-but-one neighbour feeds them (often smoked salmon).

I was concerned that if we didn’t do anything there may be more black cats appearing. After speaking to the vets and the Kendal branch of the RSPCA they said they would neuter them at their cost. So I borrowed a cat trap.

Last night I came back and there were three black cats, and they looked hungry. After baiting the trap, and plenty of patience and jiggery pokery with two cat boxes I managed to catch all three.

This morning, I tried to change the paper in the bottom of the boxes, but one escaped and dashed around the room, at first (gauntlet less) I got attacked and I have a sore finger now that I need to keep an eye on, but then I caught it. Amazing little brute!

Dropping them off at the vets, I assumed two of the cats were the offspring, and the third was the mother. I was surprised when I picked them up that they were all boys (emphasis on the ‘were’). Now, nutless, they can’t create more black cats. But what of the mother. Well, tonight, I’ve caught her and she is waiting in the cat trap in the shed (with the recovering sore little boys) for tomorrows operation.

I just couldn’t bear them being put down, so they will be a family of four again, unless there are others I don’t know about!

Father cat
Father cat

Offspring 1
Offspring 1

Offspring 2
Offspring 2
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