Dec 08 30

Poor health before Christmas had made a mess of our dive plans for the holiday period. Instead of capitalising on the cold spell we have been watching the forecasts, hoping that the weather would hold whilst we recuperated. It has and a revised plan saw us visiting Tucks Rift in S.Wales today. Recent hard frosts promised good dive conditions owing to low levels of run off into the flooded cave.

Our enthusiasm carried us through changing in sub zero temperatures and the kit lugging into the cave entrance. As normal Andrew dropped down the rift first and went to inspect the sump pool as I sorted the kit for lowering on a rope. The first load was interrupted by Andrews shout from below. The water had the wrong sort of foam on it and smelled evil. We have seen these conditions before in Tucks; a few months ago we attempted a dive that ended when we found whatever created the smell also gave us streaming eyes, sore throats and coughing. Today we called the dive without getting in the water.


Climbing the rift out of Tucks

Back on the surface we returned to the farmyard and chatted with an ill Bernie about the situation. He gave us a sample collection container (a empty Nuttella jar) and we returned to fill it. We are now trying to find someone to test it and tell us what is causing the problem.

So, no dive but twice underground in one day. That is however still only one report for Pete who will now stop sending me emails telling me to post. For now anyway.

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