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First, a big “sorry” to everyone using the site!

Over the past few days the site has been loading very slowly. It isn’t my fault – it’s a new feature the web host (BlueHost) has introduced… Read on to learn more. It wasn’t until I found the BlueHost & HostMonster User Alert: CPU Throttling article on another blog that I had my suspicions confirmed. There’s a reasonably detailed explanation of the feature in that posting, but suffice to say, BlueHost have introduced CPU Throttling. No, it isn’t a way to strangle (kill) a CPU, it’s a way to strangle a site’s (this site’s) use of the host’s CPU.

BlueHost Strangling of this site with CPU Throttling

BlueHost Strangling of this site with CPU Throttling

And yes, sometimes this CPU Throttling (strangling) kills the site! :angry: Some of you may have had this error message when BlueHost have “killed” the site with their throttling:

Service Temporarily Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Does it say “capacity problems”? What it means is, because we have strangled your CPU usage your site won’t work, didn’t we tell you?

It’s clear to me that this is a ploy by BlueHost to drive more sales of higher CPU accounts. There is nothing in this for their customers; just the host! When I first experienced this, knowing that nothing had changed on this site and therefore that the change must be at the host’s end, the support people didn’t even admit that they had changed their setup. They said it was the site that was at fault! Clearly not the case; they have changed their config, they have not advertised it, and they are now trying to force my hand by stealth! Poor, very poor service! When I bought this service under a specific set of Terms & Conditions I expected it to stay like that. Not one day to suddenly, without warning, get ham-strung !!!

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