A Hot Welsh Bank Holiday

The weather forecast for the bank holiday weekend was quite variable. But that – as usual – seemed to just be the forecasters generalising for the rest of us what those in the south-east would experience! :angry: Whereas the north-west looked like it would have great summer weather. On a bank holiday!! More “A Hot Welsh Bank Holiday”

Climbing in Railay, Thailand

I’ve thought about a climbing adventure to Thailand for years, but I’ve always been a bit nervous about taking the trip. I’d heard it was hot, hard, and getting more and more touristy, but I’d also heard it’s amazing, beautiful, and the Thai people are lovely … “the land of a thousand smiles”. More “Climbing in Railay, Thailand”

Hawaiian birthday party

This year I’ve been lucky enough to have two birthday parties … earlier in the year we all met up in Derbyshire to celebrate for a weekend, but this didn’t stop us celebrating my actual birthday…. TODAY!

The celebration had a Hawaiian-theme! We arrived at the party through the driving rain and cold, in Hawaiian dress, with Leis around our necks and flowers in our hair (well, mine anyway). I wasn’t sure what to expect as we arrived at the party, but conditions were suitably tropical and the hawaiian atmosphere was certainly present. The wood burning stove had been going for a good few hours and the room was absolutely boiling! Hawaiian radio was providing summery Christmas tunes and there were palm trees shading the beach with the gently lapping ocean. Soon enough Richard settled into the hammock and with piña colada in hand we soaked up the atmosphere.

The locals drinking piña colada under the shade of a palm tree
Richard relaxing in the hammock

After a little while, we decided to have a go at some Hawaiian-themed origami and after a few attempts, we managed to create a fabulous crab who looked at home near the beach.

The origami crab looking longingly at the beach

Dinner, or luau, was suitably hawaiian-themed and consisted of a meze of delicious starters, then sea bass and crispy belly pork, hawaiian baked beans (containing beans, sugar, onions, pineapple and vinegar), roast sweet potato and hawaiian coleslaw, followed by fruit and chocolate fondue. Yum!

Luau - or dinner on the beach

By the end of the evening we were all fairly merry, but managed to stay awake until midnight so that I could open my pressies :-). Thanks for the paprika Dalma! It was a lovely surprise.

A great time was had by all, and it was certainly an evening not to be forgotten! Richard even made me a birthday cake on our return home!

Birthday cake, made by Richard