Friends, Death Rays and Orienteering Planning

Another weekend of orienteering event planning at Hawkbatch with a good dose of socialising was the order for this weekend.

Saturday was mainly devoted to socialising. First we went to see Richard and Carol. This is the Richard who helped create the Cream Stream. The visit was particularly special because Richard had finished our wedding present. It is a thing of beauty … a fantastic ornament for the home. Created in part from a subaru ignition coil and various transisters, resistors and a MOV. Take a look at the D3R (WE) or otherwise known as Dr. Dick’s Death Ray (Wedding Edition) below.


Following the visit to Richard’s we made our way to Russell’s and enjoyed a lovely evening eating great food, drinking fine wine and chatting.

In the morning after a great breakfast, cooked by Tina, we headed back to the dreaded forest; Hawkbatch. Hopefully this is the last time before the national orienteering junior championships in a fortnight. This time we checked a few more control sites and ran the two “green” courses to check that they were ok.

Trimpley Reservoir, below Hawkbatch Woods
Richard trying to work out where the control should go
Mmmmm.... fungi

Evil virus almost gone; coughing is now just annoying rather than lung reversing.