Evan-Thomas Creek

Worth zooming in on this one. John Hollands encounters moose on way uo Evan-Thomas creek, Kananaskis.

John Hollands encounters Moose

The routes in there are in excellent condition. Here is a picture of Christian on ‘Moonlight’ taken by Paul looking across from ‘Snowline’. Pity he’s wearing dark colours but when you make him out its a sensational shot!!

The top pitch of ‘Moonlight’ is sensational this year. Here you see John (Sealy) cruising the top curtain. He found two screws and QDs in situ. Later we saw on the Gadd website that a fellow had taken a whopper, fortunately uninjured, from the top pitch. He’s coming over from Calgary tomorrow, with a crate of beer, to retrieve them!

In the woods….

We spent the weekend orienteering…

Saturday’s event was at Shining Cliff Woods, near Matlock. Very hilly courses, but good fun!

Sunday’s event was at Sandwell Valley Country Park in Birmingham. It was less pretty and much wetter. There was also a distinct smell of toast around much of the course. I was slightly concerned about this, because smelling toast is apparently a precursor to a heart attack. Later I found out about the bread factory in the vicinity!

And then we went to see our friends, Juhan and Eneken, who had bought a joint of moose back from Estonia! We enjoyed the moose, which was delicious, and then tucked into chocolate mousse (courtesy of Richard) and moose biscuits (courtesy of me). Yum!

Mousse and moose after moose