Foredale Quarry

We went to Foredale Quarry near Settle on Sunday to get away from the crowds in the Lake District over the bank holiday weekend. As we arrived we were greeted with the wonderful sight of a steam train charging north from Settle…

Steam train heading north from Settle below Foredale Quarry

After that we reached the bleak Foredale Quarry floor…

Foredale Quarry - a bleak place!

We’d forearmed ourlselves with a copy of the latest topo from the Foredale Quarry website as the latest Yorkshire Limestone guide has few of the routes documented (although there are yet more routes now than even this topo records).

However, the quarry was not a good choice, being shaded, north facing, and exposed to the full force of the strong, and cold, northerly winds! In other words, we froze! :freeze:

Pete on Barney Ribblesdale
Laetitia wearing every item of clothing she had with her to stave-off hypothermia!

We soon retreated to warmer locations… First, ASDA to get some food shopping done (boring, but necessary). Second, to meet Ian in Ambleside to watch Angelina Jolie in “SALT”. 😛

Angelina Jolie


We went to see Avatar in 3D tonight. Just one word sums it up – awesome! Everyone we’ve met that has seen it is right – it’s brilliant. We could have watched it the week it was released in plain old 2D, but we decided to make the trip to Lancaster to get the full 3D experience; a long way to drive (30 miles, when our nearest cinema is just 3 miles away) but worth every inch of the journey…

Forget the story (which is a great old favourite re-made) the cinematic experience is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

If ever there was a “must see” at the big screen (in 3D) movie, this is it! :star: In my opinion this is the movie making industry’s ultimate answer to anyone ever watching pirate downloads – make the cinema experience impossible to beat. Avatar in 3D is unbeatably brilliant…

Real D 3D glasses - so much better than the "old school" blue & red lenses of old!