Today we enjoyed the sun and went rock climbing.

I scanned though our new guidebook to Vallée de l’Arve and found a crag that isn’t too high, and so hopefully would be reasonably warm.

Malsaire is just south of Cluses (red circle)

To get to Malsaire you have to drive through Cluses and head up the hillside on the south side towards a small village called Mont-Saxonnex. On the other side of the village and down a little dirt road, the crag is nestled in a small wood. It’s about 45 minutes from Chamonix, but only a 5 minute walk to the crag.

The church in Mont-Saxonnex

Malsaire is a true sport climbing venue, admittedly probably best suited to an afternoon rather than a full adventure day. There are 58 routes from grade 3 to 8b; all single pitch and most under 20m. It is nearly always in the sun, with some dappled shade from the leaves in summer.

Ready to climb...?

We polished off a few climbs (not quite a Ganley)…


… and then explored the woods…

Pete found a den that needed some roof repairs

… and finally drove home via the cake shop and indulged in gallons of tea and cake.