A Trip to the Isle of Man

A couple of weeks ago we visited my sister and her family in the Isle of Man. It’s lovely visiting the Isle of Man because it feels like you go back in time. It’s very quiet and very relaxed. But not content to go back just a decade or so, the Isle of Man held a Wartime 1940s weekend… More “A Trip to the Isle of Man”

A Hot Welsh Bank Holiday

The weather forecast for the bank holiday weekend was quite variable. But that – as usual – seemed to just be the forecasters generalising for the rest of us what those in the south-east would experience! :angry: Whereas the north-west looked like it would have great summer weather. On a bank holiday!! More “A Hot Welsh Bank Holiday”

Foredale Quarry

We went to Foredale Quarry near Settle on Sunday to get away from the crowds in the Lake District over the bank holiday weekend. As we arrived we were greeted with the wonderful sight of a steam train charging north from Settle…

Steam train heading north from Settle below Foredale Quarry

After that we reached the bleak Foredale Quarry floor…

Foredale Quarry - a bleak place!

We’d forearmed ourlselves with a copy of the latest topo from the Foredale Quarry website as the latest Yorkshire Limestone guide has few of the routes documented (although there are yet more routes now than even this topo records).

However, the quarry was not a good choice, being shaded, north facing, and exposed to the full force of the strong, and cold, northerly winds! In other words, we froze! :freeze:

Pete on Barney Ribblesdale
Laetitia wearing every item of clothing she had with her to stave-off hypothermia!

We soon retreated to warmer locations… First, ASDA to get some food shopping done (boring, but necessary). Second, to meet Ian in Ambleside to watch Angelina Jolie in “SALT”. 😛

Angelina Jolie

Leander and the Ribblehead Viaduct

Steam Loco "Leander" crosses the Ribblehead Viaduct
Steam Loco 'Leander' crosses the Ribblehead Viaduct

I’ve wanted to get a picture of the Ribblehead Viaduct for some time – it’s such a fantastic structure. Then I thought how much better it would look with a train actually crossing it. Then, what if that train was actually a steam train! 😛 After some research (using the internet’s answer to everything; Google) as to when one was due we set off to get the shot already in my mind’s eye… Luckily the train’s schedule coincided with a great weather forecast!

I’d discovered that the steam train was leaving Warrington, after being towed by diesel loco from Hereford, at 10.44am. What I hadn’t appreciated was just how slow a steam train made progress, it didn’t get to the viaduct until nearly 12.30!!! The whole morning of awesome climbing weather had been used up waiting, stood on top of a grassy hummock alongside the railway with camera poised. Although we were not alone – on our hummock alone were another eleven photographers – and everwhere one looked there were photographers and other enthusiasts (train spotters 😉 ) huddled ready for the train…

When the train did show, first just a faint sound and a waft of steam above the ridge line curving round to us, it was amazing. Such a beautiful engine in an inspiring location. Although perhaps one of the most fantastic things was the sound. Next time, video (with sound). :star:

[Added Monday 6pm to help Colin identify the engine… 😉 ]

Leander 5690