Death Trail

A new nature trail („educational trail” in Hungarian mirror-translation) was opened recently in the neighbourhood of our village so we thought we could check it out on Saturday afternoon. It could be a nice walk for Jenna to get her ankle back in shape again and we could learn about the local flora and fauna. We have these trails in quite a few places in Hungary’s forests, there are huge information boards giving info on the forestry, the wildlife and the flora along the way as you walk. If you’re lucky you can even observe some of the wildlife.

This was very true for our trail but the only problem was that all the wildlife we could observe was already dead. (Well, almost all of it) Here they are!

Rabbit’s foot! Supposed to bring you luck but somehow we weren’t keen on putting it into our pockets … but Gulyas wanted to take it home! The late owner certainly wasn’t too lucky though originally it had four of them!!

A snake but not of the poisonous kind. Well, this one is quite harmless!

A vole: our doggy friends were crazy about this one.

A fly standing on its head on a flower??? Took us a while until we noticed the small white spider, obviously a master of camouflage, munching on it. If you look at the picture very carefully you might notice the white legs holding the prey.

After we had seen everything we took a pleasant stroll back to the car.

At home we celebrated life by consuming some dead animals from the grill! Needless to say, we bought those at the supermarket!!!

Well, this walk was quite educational! Plus, Jenna’s ankle got back in shape again! But that’s the story of the next post.