Black Crag

Having recently advanced to leading rock climbs, I think Dave enjoyed our visit to Black Crag to tick the ultra classic Troutdale Pinnacle. The weather was amazingly for mid September (although a bit humid). Once the sun cam round onto the west facing crag in the afternoon, it was hot, almost too hot!
It was a bit of a shame I managed to throw a quickdraw, complete with nut still attached, into the heather from half way up Troutdale Pinnacle. I thought I’d racked it properly, but I must have only clipped it to my jumper, as seconds later it whizzed down the crag never to be seen again! We did make up a little of this loss by finding two wired nuts though.
Dave and I climbed Holy Tree Crack, after Laetitia and Anna, to look for the lost gear. We didn’t find it! So, if found, please e-mail. 😉

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