Dave + Fiona’s Scottish Wedding

There is no better party than a wedding – everyone is always in such a happy mood! So how much better is it when the guy getting married has been your mate since age 11, and you’re his best man? Well, the answer is a lot. Although there were actually quite a few of the old school gang there! So the best man’s speech was a real privilege to deliver. I managed to cover everything from caving & climbing to motorcycling & Dave’s dislike of vegetables in the 10 minutes allotted to me. So I was quite pleased with that…

Check out the pictorial prop from the speech here…

The whole event was held at Auchen Castle near Moffat. How cool is that – a whole Scottish castle to get married in! We had the whole castle to ourselves to accommodate all the guests and, for couple of days, feel like Scottish aristocracy. In fact Dave was asked if it was the family home. He wishes!

We also had some Scottish touches to the celebrations – sword dancing, a massive great sword to cut the cake with, ceilidh dancing, and haggis for breakfast – to mention a few!

Check out some pictures from the day here…
Warning, this page includes a 10MB movie file – it will take a while to download!
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Dave and Fiona are off to Ecuador now to climb a mountain for their honeymoon… And as I’m sure they’ll check this blog from some internet cafe of another – “have fun guys”!

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  1. Nice article Pete and some good pics; you seemed to capture more of the actual wedding than I managed to get, but between us I think we’ve got it covered. No doubt Trev R will give us some good pics as well (well he should do; his camera was better than ours at any rate!).

    Shameless plug: more pics available at http://glazebrook.net

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