Wet + Cold on Lliwedd

This week saw the first summer weather! High pressure with sunny blue skies, the only thing missing was the warmth! I’ve even noticed trees are budding and have heard that some roses are blooming.

So, what do four slightly crazy rock climbers (Ian, Anna, Laetitia and Pete) do on the first days of the “summer” rock climbing season? Rock climbing of course! And where better than one of the biggest north facing mountain crags in North Wales. Of course when we got there it was 4°C, wet, blowing a gale and the crag was dripping with green slime. All together, a recipe for a great day out! Ian said we’d probably have an epic, get stuck on a ledge – unable to climb up and too scared to descend. Then we’d all end up crying…
We weren’t having any of that though, we made good time up Slanting Buttress on Liwedd, braving frozen fingers and desperately slippy rock. We topped out with just enough time to offer directions to some startled stragglers walking the Snowdon Horseshoe.
We then packed our bags, scoffed some food, and rushed off down the Miners Track back to the car park at Pen-y-Pass as complete darkness fell over Llyn Llydaw.
What an awesome adventure!

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