The End of the Line

We headed up the David Thomson Highway to check out ‘Nothing But the Breast’, but as our luck would have it, there was a party already on the route. Knowing the misery of climbing behind others and being bombarded by falling ice we choose to move on and try ‘The End of the Line’. Supposedly an easier route, but with an amazing approach (up to two hours depending on snow conditions) up a very narrow canyon. We were not disappointed!

The approach was ace; the canyon was mostly no more than 3 metres wide and towering well over 100 metres above us!
The route was great too – a bit lean and holey and tough for a mere WI3… Another amazing day out in the Canadian Rockies!

Series - Canada 07

  1. Lake Louise
  2. Frozen Solid
  3. Ghost Sunshine
  4. Whiteman Falls – At Last!
  5. The Ghost
  6. The End of the Line
  7. Pete falls in love with Pussy
  8. 4WD or not 4WD… That was the question!
  9. All the snow has gone to Canada!

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