Anyone for a picnic?

Some friends had a bit of spare timber that they wanted to part with. It was excess to their requirements for building raised beds in the garden.

A small contribution to the timber allowed me to take it away. How very nice of them, especially as some of it had been cut to the perfect length for a picnic table. We hoped it would be far better than the one we were considering buying from B&Q.

Our new picnic table

Made primarily from pressure treated 9″ x 2″ timber, you could say it is fairly substantial! It takes two to lift and hopefully won’t blow away.

All we need are some friends around to try it for size! Any takers?

10 thoughts on “Anyone for a picnic?”

  1. Will you be taking orders? Looks v. good & and as long as Brian can get his leg over we will look forward to an al fresco meal soon – just need someone to cut my food up!

  2. If anyone thinks I’ve nicked it, I challenge you to lift it more than a few centimetres off the deck and carry it for more than 10 metres!

    Infact I don’t think it could be carried over our garden wall. No, that’s not a challenge.

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