Meteorological Mistake!

A mid-morning arrival at Shepherds saw Anna and Sarah attacking a number of routes along the crag. It was a bit of a girls’ day out with the hanger-on taking photos from his crutches, until the 2 girls managed to pull a hard looking climbing type. He reminded me of someone……. do you recognise him?

Hey cats… Its Terry!!!!

Fresh from a shopping trip in Ambleside, where he’d shopped and bought these funky new boots. 079.JPG

Anna and Sarah climbed Desperation, before Terry joined them on Chamonix, and then Derision Groove.

The weather stayed fantastic all afternoon, and it was still warm and sunny when the team joined Ian at the cafe for tea and quiche!

Here’s the gang at the belay on Chamonix…..


2 thoughts on “Meteorological Mistake!”

  1. Looks like Rock Jocks (the shoes, not the fella). Am I right?

    What I wonder, is why he has a frown on his face considering the close proximity of a female form to his crotch?

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