Laetitia gets the Swiss Army knife out…

Laetitia contemplates a knife? (photo by Paul)

Pete’s plan A today seemed to also be plan A for every beginner in the valley. We approached Valorcine and found it heaving with would be climbers. Every route was occupied by young students learning the ropes.

Crowds of beginners!

We managed to find a route that isn’t in the guide, so we quickly climbed that to get above the crowd. Then Paul tackled a very thin slab on the right and Pete dragged me up a very tricky number on the left that traversed under a roof. This was definitely not a slab.
We abseiled down and decided to leave the crag to the crowd. The forecasted rain was on it’s way so we consoled ourselves with tea and cakes, of course.

Paul on the superb thin slab

Pete under a roof?

Series - Chamonix 2007

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One thought on “Laetitia gets the Swiss Army knife out…”

  1. Whats the story about the knife??? Or was that a typo, and did Laetitia get the Swiss Army out????
    Paul seems to have adopted Pete’s photogenic T-shirt…….
    And the roof Pete…. its a step, you’ve tilted the camera again!!!!!!

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