Laetitia has a cold; Paul + Pete go downhill…


We’d planned a day up high today after our little bit of acclimatisation yesterday. But as luck would have it Laetitia has caught a cold!

So, to save the day Paul & Pete hired some big hitter downhill mountain bikes and caught the ski lift to the top of the Col de Balme! The top section – single track following what seemed like the steepest part of a red ski run – was only just within our abilities to get down without killing ourselves. It certainly justified all the armour in the picture…

Series - Chamonix 2007

  1. Plan B
  2. La Grande Dalle d’Amone
  3. Laetitia gets the Swiss Army knife out…
  4. A walk on the not so wild side
  5. What time is the last train?
  6. Laetitia has a cold; Paul + Pete go downhill…
  7. Where’s it gone…?

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