Making Sloe Gin (inc. Ingredients)


Last year we collected a load of sloe berries to make some amazingly tasty sloe gin (check here for that). In fact it was so tasty that we’ve done the same again this year! Although with the wet summer this year the berries were much fatter. Yee ha, should be even tastier!!!

We are much later in the year collecting as well, but they say the berries are better after the first frost (it splits the skin and allows more juice to permeate into the gin)…

Here’s the recipe for those who are interested:

  • 700 millilitres of gin
  • 800 grams of sloe berries
  • 280 grams sugar

Just prick the berries and stir the sugar into the gin. We use a sealed demijohn and store it in a cool dark place. It needs to be turned every day to make sure those sloe juices come out!

Rock on Xmas and the 2007 Sloe Gin bottling!

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