Windgather and the Roaches

The boulderers tell us that zero deg C is best for friction. Well, although Tuesday dawned beautiful and clear, it was in fact fffreezing, with a wind chill too.

So, maybe Windgather wasn’t a good choice, with just a hint of slippiness as well?



We took photo opportunities, to emulate the Rockfax shot (p114), on ‘High Buttress Arete’ (Diff).

If I look fatter than usual its because of all the extra clothes I’m wearing, not because of Pete & Tish’s bonfire nosh-up.


We climbed all the Diffs and VDiffs we could get in before the cold became too much.

Then we adjourned to the Roaches for perceived respite, but it was arguably colder!


Numb fingers on ‘Damascus Crack’ (Left hand finish), with the crack nicely laced up!! (I wasn’t going anywhere!).


Balaclava weather as the sun goes down. It’s minus 9C in Canmore now but I bet it feels warmer than me.

5 thoughts on “Windgather and the Roaches”

  1. Brilliant – I think you may well be on track for official certification as being “completely mad and up for it”! 😆 Rock climbing at the Roaches wearing a balaclava – awesome!

    PS. Went to a sports Physio today, damaged tendon for sure. Had a little ultra sound treatment, given some exercises and told to alternate ice and warm water with some massaging! Hope to get it fixed for Red Rocks…

  2. Yeah, good job I had the balaclava in back of car. If I’d known it was going to be that cold, I’d have gone to werk (=work) for a rest.

    Chris is a very good photographer. He studied art and photography before becoming a builder. He is a very good artist to, for that matter.

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