Kendal Mountain Festival ’07


We are lucky to be able to help out at the annual Kendal Mountain (Film) Festival. We don’t have difficult jobs – door staff checking people’s tickets and other easy stuff like that. But we do enjoy the event enormously and get a privileged opportunity to see all the movies etc.

This year one of the festival’s judges was Will Gadd, who we’ve been lucky enough to spend a few days out (and under) the mountains with in Canada and England. So after a frenzy of text messages we met up for a beer at – some might say the biggest part of the festival – the Saturday evening party at the Brewery Centre! Some souls were out partying till 3am. 😯 We didn’t last quite that late, but never-the-less, I’m still completely knackered. Especially as we were up early (ish) on Sunday to go to Wilf’s café for breakfast with our friends (Vikki, Michelle and Terry) who had stayed over. Sunday was another long day and a late night watching the “best of” films in Cinema 1. I think this is called ‘burning the candle at both ends’? 😐

For those who need to know, the full rundown of prizes is here…

One thought on “Kendal Mountain Festival ’07”

  1. It was a sedentary, albeit enjoyable, weekend and it was great to see so many old friends. 🙄 This gave all the more stimulus to get something ‘done’ on Tuesday, weather or not 😆

    So look out for the blog :mrgreen:

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