Novice Trip down Giants Hole

Our novices Caroline & Martin & Old hand from the OUCC Jim Sheppard

These guys all work with me and we had discussed doing a caving trip together for a while. Rachel & Richard organised the gear and met us at the woodbine in Hope.

We all set off to the cave for an excellent round trip of Giants. All had a great time despite the grade 3 change (horizontal rain and 2 degrees C eek!).

Both novices were still saying they’d like to do some more caving and were discussing what gear they needed to buy – so more trips may be in the offing. A weekend in the Mendhips has been suggested.

4 thoughts on “Novice Trip down Giants Hole”

  1. Leck Fell is definitely the best (or worst) place to change. “Still a classic amongst changing locations since it maintains ‘interest’ to the bitter end” brrrr.

    A classic grade V location.

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