An icy round on Helvellyn

In an attempt to walk off the excesses of the night before, Pete, Tish, Dave, Fiona and Ian headed for Glenridding…… 

In the low cloud and with cool temperatures we made slow progress up toward Red Tarn, but it was from here with increasing wind (Tish served sprouts the night before) that we needed to increase the pace. Of course it was from here that the path up to Swirral Edge and the rocks were covered in ice.


                                                                          Pete and Tish on Swirral Edge

Only Dave and Fiona had step in crampons, Pete Tish and I picked our way to the top of Helvellyn. It was extremely windy on top, and Pete needed his hands warming at the summit shelter.


                                                         Dave, Tish, Fiona and Pete at the summit shelter

We still had to get over Nethermost Pike and Dollywagon Pike, but made good time…………………….


On the path down to Patterdale we enjoyed some great views down the valley, and by the time we reached the coffee shop the food from the night before had finally been digested!


The view down to Patterdale

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