A Fine Day at Shepherds

Laetitia on Creeping Jesus

To combat the post holiday blues we decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather. I didn’t fancy a long walk in so a trip up to Borrowdale was required. We drove through glorious sunshine, but when we got to Keswick the valley was engulfed in thick fog. This gave us the opportunity to dive into Booths to buy obligatory Sunday Roast ingredients while the sun burned off the last of the fog.

We arrived at Shepherds to find Keith and Fiona asleep in their car 😯 (obviously a heavy night last night) so we left them in peace :good: and headed towards Fishers Folly Buttress. We’d never done Creeping Jesus before so we decided to brave the cold small crimps. It was great, despite the fact that I couldn’t feel my fingers.

Pete warms his hands on Crunchy Frog

The sun came round and we moved down the crag a bit. Adam and Eve were busy so we decided upon Crunchy Frog. Another great route, although the first two meters are ridiculous and require brute force and ignorance ❗ Very painful on cold hands.

Keith and Fiona had woken up and we found them having fun on P.S.

Keith & Fiona

The top of the crag was bathed in sunshine, providing great views over Derwent Water. My tummy started rumbling. It was time to go home and cook dinner :yum: .

Amazing misty view of Derwent Water

4 thoughts on “A Fine Day at Shepherds”

  1. We had our own foggy cloud at home but at the top of the hill we could look down and see Cockermouth submerged in its own huge bowl of cloud. There was another over the firth.

    I agree the start of Crunchy Frog is a bit thuggy! Creeping Jesus more my thing.
    Well done for getting out. But you must still have your unpacking and washing to do?……….

  2. Well, I got to M6 and thought Shepherd’s or Roaches and the latter won ❗ Therefore, I missed seeing the whole world, by the looks of it 🙁

    But the Roaches was super too :star: and we climbed till we couldn’t see the holds anymore :good:

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