Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail

I couldn’t help myself wanting to climb on to this sculpture!

While visiting my Mum in Worcester we managed to get out in the amazing winter sunshine to enjoy the Sculpture Trail at the Forest of Dean. It was cold, but the sunshine was amazing. There are 18 sculptures hidden in the forest. It’s a great way to explore the woodland at any time of year, but it was especially nice in the sunny weather with no leaves on the trees, we could see so much more than when we’d visited it before in summer.

Here’s another impressive sculpture, Iron Road, a series of carved railway sleepers.

My only complaint, the £3 charge for parking at the visitor centre. This made sure we didn’t stop and make use of their cafe. Instead, we parked a little way up the road at free parking in a picnic area. The forestry commission are being stupid here in my opinion, charging people to come to the one place in the forest where there is a shop/cafe…

7 thoughts on “Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail”

  1. Too bad we didn’t know you were there. We were in the Forest of Dean twice on saturday (day and night orienteering).

    Mind you, we also went to Reading in between to pick up Rachel’s new skis. Now all we need is some snow to try them out on :yum:

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