Canada Winter 2008 – Epilogue

Well, Paul has written the last chapter so all that remains is the Epilogue for this holiday, one of the best and most enjoyable ice trips yet.

I had been knackered and limping since end of first week, following the epic walk in to the Black Mount, a wilderness within a wilderness.

Paul had lasted a bit longer but breaking trail through fresh, deep and unpredictable snow on the ‘Stanley Major’ effort finally did his back in.

That night, we both hobbled back from the Drake with the implicit agreement this was the end. After all, we’d been out every single day for 2 weeks, albeit some days were shorter than others.

So next day, we completed the final, and most important, chore of the holiday….return of the ’empties’.

Series - Canada 08

  1. Canada Winter 2008 – Prologue
  2. Canada Winter 2008 – Interlude
  3. Canada Winter 2008 – Epilogue

6 thoughts on “Canada Winter 2008 – Epilogue”

  1. yeah, and the picture you see shows only the first of several trips :yum: :yum:

    We got $6 for the empties at the bottle recycling place 😀

    But its not the money 🙂 you feel good doing it :good:

  2. Well, beer always tastes good :yum: but I have to make clear that we did do a lot of entertaining 😀 so the empties were not entirely attributable to ourselves 😎

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