Whinlatter Forest Altura Mountain Bike Trail

Ian suggested we tried the new Whinlatter Forest Park Altura Mountain Bike Trail. Only 10km of the planned 19km are open so far; they plan to have the whole thing open by October.

Anna, Ian & Laetitia at one of the many superb viewpoints along the route

I’m not sure it’s as good as the North Face Trail at Grizedale, but when it’s complete it might be. 💡 The problem is that while it might be fantastic in the dry it is a bit tricky in the wet! Maybe a bit too hard? All the sloping (across the line of the route) tracks and newly exposed tree roots were very greasy and we kept having our bikes slide out sideways from under us. This and a series of uphill hairpin bends near the start are not that much fun. However, the awesome descent at the end is pure downhill brilliance! :love:

After all that excitement and effort we popped into Keswick – the girls were very taken with this chocolate fountain…

10 thoughts on “Whinlatter Forest Altura Mountain Bike Trail”

  1. I’m still not sure mountain biking (as opposed to off-road biking) is really for me, and I (but not only me!) pushed up some steep bits, and got off for some steep down bits, but there was lots of good stuff – until my bike broke and I had to walk what seemed a very long way 😥 – but I did not find myself making a resolution never to try again…. so I guess I would recommend it for some fun. And it is free (if you have your own bike) and only £20 to hire a bike for the whole day. And there is a decent cafe at the visitor centre, always an important point even if the service is very slow. In the cafe we had our photo taken by a woman who was disgusted that we dared enter the cafe splattered with mud! 😀 (pah, tourists)

    However, I will never be breaking any speed records as mountain biking seems ridiculously dangerous to me, not at all like nice, safe climbing ……

  2. I am a weekend warrior through and through, Cockermouth bred, a local to the area and a rider from my teens. I live in Leeds and im a permit holder for Dalby..ride out man.

    The Whinlater trail is bad. Seriously fast in places and what seems to be a Dalby condensed in this inital 10km; lot’s of berms and fast swooping single track makes this side easily achievable within an hour..

    ..for the local to Cockermouth and Keswick this is like living in Marin County, easily able to ‘get an hour in’ after work and before Dinner..legendary.

    Mr Clixby has waved his magic wand over the North of England and may every visitor to Cumbria and The Lake District, bring his Moutain Bike and enjoy some of the most beautiful British views that have inspired the likes of Wordsworth, Shakespere, Chaucer and Keats.

    High times man.

  3. i honestly am into mountain biking and i love reading anything and everything about it… but the chocolate fountain is what caught my attention most in this post! hahaha :mrgreen: :love:

    i sometimes wish i could see one along the trails i go to when i bike! :star:

  4. Just did this trail yesterday in the wet and agree with the comments. Stunning views, great final descent, lethal exposed roots and off camber corners on slippery wet slate. The route would be a lot easier if it was dry.

  5. @ Marius, yeah, the chocolate fountain is awesome isn’t it!
    @ Jon, thanks for the support, I was starting to think it was just me who found the off camber bits scary in the wet… Hmm, 💡 note for our next trip there – get an action shot or two of these bends, plus the amazing downhill at the end of the current circuit…

  6. I agree that Whinlater isn’t as enjoyable in the wet and for those of us, myself included, that are fairer weather riders, routes like this in the wet reduce our confidence.

    Have you tried Cut Gate yet? Our MTB club went there recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. Would welcome your comments.

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