Rab Mountain Marathon – Year 2

Last year we won this event, so we had to go back and defend our title…

Unfortunately, jet lag for me coming home from Toronto and jet lag for Richard, coming back from Sydney, was a bit too much.

Our sleeping patterns were rather eratic and so on Friday night we decided to sleep early and get up at 4 am to drive to the Lakes. This we did and started the mountain marathon at 9.30 after toast at Tebay. This event was of the score format – find as many controls as possible, but get back in 6 hours on the first day and 5 hours on the second day.

The mountain marathon was based over the hills north of Skiddaw. I’d never been to a lot of this area before, but it turned out to be a real gem. The countryside was wild and hilly, the paths were empty (except for mountain marathoners) and the views were stunning … not that I saw them as I was looking at the ground trying to move as fast as possible.

Unfortunately the terrain got tricky at just the wrong time and our timing went astray causing us to race back to the finish. We were both tired and seriously thought about retiring as once 30 minutes is up (after the 6 hours), all your previously collected points are taken away! We worked out that we would have to do 9 minute kilometres to make it home – that is a tall order over terrain. Nevertheless we ran as fast as possible and were 15 minutes late. We lost 40 points. 🙁

We were both knackered, so after two meals of cous cous we headed to bed (at 8.00 am). On Sunday, there was no more talk of retiring and we set off. As always we ran better on the second day and powered home over the next 5 hours. It wasn’t enough however to keep our winning spree and we came 5th overall. Nevertheless we had a great time and have discovered an area to revisit in the future. Anyone fancy a trip up sharp edge?

8 thoughts on “Rab Mountain Marathon – Year 2”

  1. Well, 5th place sounds pretty respectable (for jet setting workers) to me! :star:

    Yeah, Sharp Edge is a fantastic spot, although I think there was a fatal accident recently! 😯
    But, we could get a trip round that part of the world organised for a frosty (but sunny) winter’s day if you like? Maybe we can tick off Skiddaw too as it’s one of the only major Lakeland summits I’ve not been to.

  2. Blimey! Your sleep patterns were crazy – especially if you went to bed at 8am!?!?! 😉

    Looks fantastic tho’. Blue sky and purple heather. Did you get the rain on Saturday night. It seems to have been very localised – maybe you slept through it?

  3. A trip up Sharp Edge is a great idea! Can’t believe you’ve not been up Skiddaw. It’s a pretty dull hill, but nice views! I always end up with a long valley walk back to Keswick as I refuse to go down the same way.

    I’m back to normal sleep times now and Richard is in Slovenia, so he’s only 1 hour out!

    The heather is not lovely when you’re wading through the stuff! Didn’t hear the rain, but I was very asleep.

  4. A winter trip up there sounds great.

    The tent was quite wet in the morning, so I suspect we did get the rain, but I slept through it too.

    Rachel is far too generous in aportioning blame. I basically blew it on the first day. I should have realised that Blencathra was a lot more rugged than the more northerly bits, and would be much slower to run across.

  5. I had a nice trip around Skiddaw starting at Latrigg, then off to Lonscale Fell, Little Man, Bakerstall, Skiddaw, Longside, Ullock Pike, Carl Side and to finish off on Dodd. I suppose one of my bigger wainwright ticks but a nice day out. Perhaps Rachel and Richard might like to run it?

    Did you get up the Uldale Fells north of Skiddaw?

    Sharp edge in winter….I had an interesting time up there – bone dry on the south side but verglas on the north side. Pippa had a ‘nice’ 😕 time on it. Roll on winter. Just polishing my axes….

    Yeh, the accident on it. I think it’s a popular spot for Keswick Mountain Rescue team to be out on a Sunday.

    Oh yeh, I forgot to say well done in 5th place – better than I could do.

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